Criminal law

General information about criminal law

In Sweden, the relationship between the state and private individual is governed by criminal law. It determines what is considered a criminal act, and what punitive measures may be imposed by the court, such as fines or imprisonment. You may be entitled to assistance by a criminal attorney and a plaintiff’s counsel (also known as counsel for the injured party, or complainant’s counsel). The Swedish government pays the plaintiff’s legal fees in criminal cases. If you are the victim of a crime, the attorneys of Salmi & Partners can help by protecting your interests throughout the legal proceedings and helping you to formulate your claim for damages or compensation.

If you are charged with a crime, you may be entitled to a public defender depending on the matter at hand, such as whether you risk criminal sanctions other than fines and/or a conditional or suspended sentence. In Sweden, public defenders are appointed by the Public Prosecution Office (Åklagarmyndigheten). Alternately, if charged with a crime, you are entitled to request and retain a specific defense attorney to represent you. Although the Swedish government pays the defendant’s legal fees, if you are convicted, you may be liable for payment in arrears based on your economic situation. Your rights and responsibilities can be explained in further detail by our attorneys.

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