Work at Salmi & Partners

Salmi & Partners is receiving an increasing number of requests for assistance in various legal situations, which has resulted in the need to expand our roster of highly qualified attorneys. We are constantly searching for new legal talent who shares our values, and who have a more humane attitude toward the legal profession. We seek skilled attorneys who see possibilities where others see obstacles.

Please send your résumé and a cover letter to attorney Ismo Salmi at
Alternately, you may mail your application to:

Advokatfirman Salmi & Partners
P.O. Box 3095
SE-103 61, Stockholm, Sweden

What we require

You must hold a law degree (Bachelor of Laws, JD, etc.) with top grades and an excellent command of the English language. You must be a team player and have good analytical skills, business sense, and a “selling” attitude toward working as an attorney. A master’s degree in economics, knowledge of foreign languages, clerking experience, or other applicable professional experiences are considered additional merits.

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